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The best ways to use Fourth of July leftovers
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The best ways to use Fourth of July leftovers

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The best ways to use Fourth of July leftovers

From burgers and brats to seasonal fruit salads, Independence Day is associated with plenty of delicious dishes. But if your eyes were bigger than your guests’ stomachs and you find yourself overwhelmed with leftovers after the party, these are the best ways to use them.

1) Grilled Vegetables

Asparagus and pepper, zucchini, and onion kebabs are the perfect fillings for wraps. Just add whole wheat tortillas and your favorite dressing and take them to work in a lunch bag for a healthy leftover meal. Peel corn on the cob to reuse kernels in homemade salsa or pasta salads.

2) Franks and Brats

Leftover hot dogs and brats can be chopped up and tossed in an omelet with mushrooms, spinach, and tomato for a quick protein-filled breakfast. This omelet maker makes perfectly fluffy eggs every time.

3) Burgers

Cooked burger patties tend to dry out when reheated but using the meat as a base for chili con carne preserves moisture and flavor. Toss these leftovers in your slow cooker for an easy family meal.

4) Fruit and Fish

Fruit and fish may seem like they belong in different categories, but both should be tossed on a bed of greens for a healthy post 4th of July salad. Pair grilled pineapple and white fishes for a tropical salad, or salmon and citrus for a filling lunch.

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