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Adding mulch to a garden has a variety of benefits, from maintaining moisture levels to keeping the weeds out. Perhaps most importantly, mulch can make the soil of your garden better.

President Joe Biden's six-day trip to South Korea and Japan aims to build rapport with the Asian nations’ leaders. Biden will try to send a message to China that Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine should give Beijing pause about its own saber-rattling in the Pacific. Biden departs Thursday and is set to meet newly elected South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Their talks will touch on trade, the global supply chain and North Korea’s nuclear program. Biden will also meet with leaders of the alliance known as the Quad, which includes Japan, Australia and India.

European health officials say nearly 270 cases of salmonella infection linked to chocolate Easter eggs have now been reported throughout Europe and in North America, the vast majority in children.  No deaths were reported. The European Union agency said Wednesday that despite the closure of a Belgian factory, a global recall and the withdrawal of products "new cases may occur due to the long shelf life and possible storage of products at home.” National authorities have previously named the involved company as the Italian chocolate firm Ferrero.

Germany’s top court has approved rules requiring that health workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. The Federal Constitutional Court announced Thursday that it has rejected complaints against the measure, arguing that protecting vulnerable people in hospitals and care homes is more important than the infringement of health workers' rights. Chancellor Olaf Scholz had initially planned to extend the vaccine mandate to all adults, but even a proposal to impose one on the over-60s was rejected by lawmakers. Almost 76% of the population in Germany has received two shots against the coronavirus so far.

New Zealand’s government says it will hand out an extra few hundred dollars to more than 2 million lower-income adults to help them navigate what it describes as “the peak of the global inflation storm.” The payments are part of a package of new measures announced in the government’s annual budget. Other plans include increasing health spending by a record amount, putting more money into reducing greenhouse gas emissions and boosting defense spending. A report by Treasury painted a rosy picture of the nation’s economy through next year but warned growth would slow markedly from 2024 due to rising interest rates, a reduction in the government’s pandemic spending, and supply issues made worse by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

TikTok creator @mxriyum added plenty of buffalo sauce to this grilled cheese sandwich recipe. Adding some shredded chicken also boosts the protein.

Who says you can’t get a serving of vegetables in while you eat your grilled cheese? TikTok creator @skinnytaste created a healthy broccoli and Havarti combination you need to try.

TikTok creator @chilipeppercooks created this delicious South Asian grilled cheese sandwich recipe fried in ghee and packed with red onion, cilantro, and Thai chili pepper.

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