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A month into the nation’s largest strike involving higher education, the work stoppage by University of California academic workers at 10 campuses is causing stress for many undergraduate students. They are facing canceled classes, no one to answer their questions and uncertainty about how they will be graded. Some 48,000 student employees walked off the job on Nov. 14 to demand higher wages and better benefits. Colleges and universities increasingly rely on graduate student employees to do teaching, grade papers and conduct research that had previously been handled by tenured faculty. Many University of California students fear a prolonged strike will disrupt their plans to declare a major or apply to degree programs.

Uganda says it is on the way to winning the fight against an Ebola epidemic, with only one new case detected in recent weeks, in part thanks to government lockdowns. But these have also come at a price, impacting trade, tourism and the country's schoolchildren, who have already been out of c…

Hate mealy apples and soggy french fries? Science can help. Food companies are increasingly turning to chemistry and physics to tackle the problem of food waste. There are spray-on peels and chemically-enhanced sachets that can slow the ripening process in fruit and digital sensors that can tell when meat is safe to consume. Packets affixed to the top of a takeout box use thermodynamics to keep fries crispy.  Experts say growing awareness of food waste has led to an uptick in efforts to mitigate it. More than one-third of food produced in the U.S. currently goes uneaten; much of that winds up in landfills.

Federal data indicates that an oil spill in northeastern Kansas this week is the largest for an onshore crude pipeline in more than nine years and by far the biggest in the history of the Keystone pipeline. Canada-based TC Energy on Thursday estimated the spill on the Keystone system at about 14,000 barrels. The company said the affected pipeline segment had been “isolated” and the oil contained at the site with booms, or barriers. It did not say how the spill occurred. The company said said it shut down its Keystone system Wednesday night following a drop in pipeline pressure. It said oil spilled into a creek in a rural area about 150 miles northwest of Kansas City. The pipeline carries oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is becoming an Independent and leaving the Democratic Party. It won’t change the balance of power in the Senate, but it could affect her own political fortunes. Sinema says she won’t caucus with Republicans, so the Democrats will still hold the majority next year. And she is expected to continue casting most of her votes with Democrats, while separating herself on certain issues. Back home, however, Democrats in Arizona are likely to nominate a new candidate in 2024, and that could leave her in a three-way battle for reelection — if she decides to run again.

Three people are dead after a house fire in the southeastern Wisconsin city of Watertown early Friday morning. Police and firefighters responded to a fire shortly after 12:30 a.m. and were told that residents were still trapped inside. The fire department says smoke and flames engulfing the home pushed back firefighters who attempted to enter the building. Police have not released the names or ages of the deceased, but the Watertown Fire Department said the incident is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal.

The Grace Ridge Retirement Community was selected as one of five Account of the Year winners from more than 950 Morrison Healthcare accounts across the country:

VALDESE -- Due to inclement weather conditions predicted for today and this evening, the Hatley Memorial Tree Lighting Celebration and Valdese Elementary School performance has been cancelled. This event is very special to the Valdese community and the town is truly disappointed to make this…

Hundreds of people were rattled by an earthquake late Wednesday in the North Carolina mountains 100 miles west of Charlotte, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The ripple effect was felt at least 271 miles away, in the southeastern part of the state, officials say. It happened at 10:23 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7, and registered as a 2.7 magnitude, which is considered mild. No damage was ...


The North Carolina Department of Transportation’s winter weather prep is going digital this year with a snow plow simulator designed to give employees more training time without getting behind the wheel of an actual vehicle.

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