Dog days of summer to continue

Dog days of summer to continue

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Those waiting for the dog days of summer to end will have to wait a little longer.

The average daily temperatures for September have been about four degrees above normal, according to Justin Lane with the National Weather Service in Greenville/Spartanburg. The average daily temperature historically for September is 73.4 degrees. In 2019, this month’s average temperature is 77.3 degrees.

The NWS said its data period of record goes back to 1949.

June, July and August months are referred to as “climatological summer” by the NWS, and said that period this year is tied for the 39th-warmest since 1949. The average high temperature for this three month period was 86.1 degrees, Lane said.

And the heat will continue this week with high temperatures “within a degree or two of 90” forecast for the work week, Lane said. As for the weekend, Lane said the area is expected to see “a slight cool off,” with temperatures more in the mid-80s for highs.

Next week figures to be much of the same, according to the NWS.

“The most likely outcome is going to be for above-normal temperatures to continue for the week,” Lane said.

While it may seem extraordinarily hot for this time of year, these temperatures are not unusual, Lane said.

“It is not that unusual for those kinds of temperatures to continue well into September,” he said. “I mean, you have to remember, it’s still summer.”

Lane emphasized that the summer season does not officially end until 3 weeks into September. While the temperatures are above average, it is not hugely abnormal to see these figures at this time.

This year, the summer season runs until Monday, Sept. 23.

The North Carolina Climate Office made some interesting discoveries that contradict NWS’ findings for this area.

NCCO says July was particularly hot throughout the state, especially in the mountains.

NCCO said, “overnight low temperatures ranked particularly highly in the Mountains, which spent much of (July) in a humid air mass that kept nighttime dew points and temperatures elevated,” according to its website.

“In Marion, the average low temperature of 68.7 degrees was the 2nd-warmest in any July dating back 109 years,” NCCO said.

The organization said July was uniquely hot throughout the state.

“A mid-month spell of hot weather punctuated what was a warm month overall in North Carolina,” the website says. “The preliminary average statewide temperature of 78.1 (degrees) ranked as our 28th-warmest July since 1895.”

Johnny Casey is a staff writer and can be reached at or 828-432-8907.

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