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    The White House is making the case for more government support for child care programs in a new economic report. The report draws on research to say additional spending would improve kids' lives, increase the quality of early childhood schooling and enable more women to hold jobs.

      Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law prohibiting transgender people at public schools from using the restroom that matches their gender identity, the first of several states expected to enact such bans this year amid a flood of bills nationwide targeting the trans community.

        A handful of red-state Democrats were instrumental in helping Republicans secure a rollback of banking regulations sought by then-President Donald Trump in 2018. Now those changes are being blamed for contributing to recent bank collapses.

        A ban on most gender-affirming surgeries and hormone replacement therapies in Georgia for transgender people under 18 is headed to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk. Senators voted 31-21 on Tuesday to give the bill final passage. A spokesperson for Kemp isn't saying if the Republican governor will sign the bill into law. Opponents say the bill would be an unconstitutional infringement on parents’ rights. Doctors could still be able to prescribe medicines to block puberty under the Georgia bill. Republicans say restrictions on other treatments are needed to prevent children from making decisions they'll regret later. Opponents say the measure would hurt transgender children and require physicians to violate medical standards of care.

        From almost the moment he first rode down the escalator in Trump Tower, a question has loomed over the Republican Party: Is this the moment to break from Donald Trump? Elected Republicans have wavered at times. But after almost eight years of near-constant scandal, Republicans have rallied behind Trump over and over again.

        U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is trying to project calm after regional bank failures, saying the U.S. banking system is “sound” but additional rescue arrangements “could be warranted” if any new failures at smaller institutions pose a risk to financial stability.


        While inflation might have finally reached its peak, many Americans continue to struggle with high prices. Especially challenging is the fact that the spending categories with the greatest price increases are necessities, which are difficult to cut back on: over the last three years, the big…

        The first Republican presidential primaries are nearly a year away and the candidate field is unsettled. But already, a shadow contest of another sort is underway with several Republicans openly jockeying to position themselves as potential running mates to Donald Trump.

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