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    Elon Musk’s Neuralink received approval last month from the Food and Drug Administration to conduct human clinical trials, which one former FDA official called “really a big deal.” I do not disagree, but I am skeptical that this technology will “change everything.” Not every profound technological advance has broad social and economic implications.

    It is time to get your money ducks in a row if you haven’t already, but do any of you know what that actually means? Having a plan for your money can make you a lot less stressed, in more control but according to Money Talks News, it can also make you richer! Buzz60’s Chloe Hurst has the story!


    “On each visit, I have wept. It is almost impossible to keep back the tears as you look across the rows of crosses and think about the boys under them who died that day. Even if you do not know anyone who died, the heart knows something the brain does not, and you weep. If you think the worl…

    Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently confirmed that student loan repayments would begin again later in 2023, delivering what is likely to be a severe financial shock to borrowers who have not had to make payments for three years. This puts greater urgency on lawmakers to fix the flaws in the best idea for easing the transition: the "income-driven repayment" plan.

    Most of us consider mowing the lawn technically a chore, but for many, it’s a labor of love. And if you’ve ever noticed the distinct mood boost that comes from mowing, you may be wondering exactly how something as simple as a little yard work could make you feel so happy.

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