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Letters to the Editor

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Problem with postman

Grace Ridge went without mail delivery for 11 days starting on May 29 because the carrier refused to wear a mask and have his temperature checked when entering the building.

I was concerned that outgoing mail had not been picked up either. Upon inquiry, the postmaster said that as of about June 11, the outgoing mail had been picked up. I subsequently discovered that checks that I had mailed on May 29 had not reached the intended recipients. I called the post office asking for them to check to be certain that the outgoing mail had indeed been picked up.

As a resident of Grace Ridge I want to thank Bruce Carpenter at the post office for listening to my concerns and for coming here on Thursday, June 18, to check the mail slots in the two Grace Ridge mail rooms. He found a great deal of mail that the carrier had not picked up even though we had been informed by the postmaster that all mail had previously been picked up, presumably based upon what the carrier told her. If so, he did not tell the truth as evidenced by what Mr. Carpenter found on Thursday. That in itself should be grounds for some sort of disciplinary action on the carrier.

Many other post offices have been providing carriers with masks to wear on their routes to protect against spread of the coronavirus. I do not know if the Morganton post office also follows this practice. Even so, the carrier flat-out refused to deliver the mail and to wear a mask at Grace Ridge and to have his temperature checked.

This precaution is a requirement for anyone who enters the premises. Masks were available to him and the temperature check is noninvasive and literally takes less than one second. Instead, he totally ignored the fact that this is a facility housing elderly people, many of whom have compromised immune systems, and which includes assisted living and skilled nursing.

Burke County is a Covid-19 hot spot. All it takes is one asymptomatic person to enter without a mask to infect residents, result in the spread of the virus, and potentially result in deaths as has happened at other congregate living facilities in the county. Any reasonable person can understand the need for caution but the carrier clearly cannot.

Currently, the mail is being dropped off outside of the building and is being picked up and distributed by staff because of the carrier’s unwillingness to follow simple safety precautions. We went for quite some time with mail not being delivered and when the outside compromise was finally implemented six full bins of mail were brought here in one day.

I obviously have no direct knowledge but it concerns me that many people get prescriptions by mail. How many of such medications were delayed in reaching people? What about delayed pension checks? Time-dated mail, etc.?

The outside drop-off solution is now working but it does not excuse the actions of the carrier, not at all. This whole situation calls for disciplinary action and a formal apology to all Grace Ridge residents.

Kenneth Humphreys

Concerned Grace Ridge resident Morganton

Wear a mask

It’s beyond my understanding there is a serial killer out there and it will attack who ever gets in its contact.

That concerns me yet people don’t seem to understand or don’t care that a simple thing as wearing a mask and washing hands for 20 seconds can help. They may not value their life but it would be a good thing to care for others.

People are wanting to get to normal but do nothing toward helping to bring that forward.

Why can’t one understand just a small thing as covering their mouth could help control this killer? So simple a thing to do.

Maybe they think it won’t attack them but the number of the virus keep growing.

Wear your mask.

Betty Maritz


Thank you

(I would like to give) a special thank you to Phyllis Fox for all of her hard work in using her talent and time to help others. She has selflessly worked making many, many masks and has donated all of them. These (donations) include Atrium Health (Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge), Autumn Care and hospice. She didn’t stop there, but has continued to make more to share with her neighbors and friends. Thank you, Phyllis, for eagerly helping others. You are deeply appreciated.

Nancy Arrowood


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