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Letters to the Editor

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Only $3 for 13 weeks

Sadness prevails

I come to you with a saddened heart and a quest for understanding. However, I have yet to discover an answer, be it reasonable or unreasonable. Why? Because it is a senseless endeavor. I don’t know what you would call it but I call it an offensive act against the will of God. There appears to be no value and respect for human life. I call it despicable, hateful, ugly, intolerable and ultimately sinful. What is to be achieved by this hatred ... absolutely nothing positive.

It is deplorable to think that certain populations need to purchase life/burial insurance for their babies instead of planning for a college fund. I have spent most of my adult life focusing on human behavior, normalization and action/treatment plans to improve the quality and meaningfulness for mankind. Sadly, it appears to be more sanity in our mental health institutions than in society-at-large and the administration that ensures us of our Constitutional Rights. I appeal to all readers of this message to join together and help heal this sickness, this madness and work for a solution.

The admirable Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Rioting is the language of the unheard.” Let’s listen and have a conversation and use our language to have compassion and prevent unnecessary acts of destruction and violence, which serves only to perpetuate and magnify this infestation of insanity.

Burke County, although we have significant problems to be addressed, I could never imagine such behaviors here. I appreciate the productive acts of protest that you are displaying. Let’s strive to be an example for all to see.

Artie McKesson-Logan


Valdese library is well-loved

This letter is in response to the Town of Valdese’s proposed budget which eliminates funding of the Valdese branch of the Burke County Public Library. According to Albert Einstein, “the only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” In Valdese, that location is well-known, well-used, and well-loved.

These are uncertain times economically and in many other ways, but we cannot rush to action in trying to economize. It’s important to maintain stability in those areas that are important. Valdese has a reputation of recognizing the needs of its citizens and in creating a sense of community. Libraries help build that community.

They help reinforce the love of reading. They help mold young people in forming their philosophies and in growing into productive adults. In this global age of electronics and pandemics, libraries are one of our most valuable resources. They can be the only link between a person and the outside world. Libraries practice equity; they’re available to all races, genders, ages, and economic groups. The Valdese branch serves everyone from toddlers to senior citizens. The librarians are sources of information, technical advice, and inspiration.

After examining the proposed budget, there appears to be quite a few areas from where the $50,000 library budget can be restored. The citizens of Valdese deserve the library at its best, without cuts to services, hours of operation, or personnel. We hope the town council will reconsider its decision.

There is a Valdese Town Council meeting on June 29, 2020. Several petitions are circulating throughout the town of Valdese, including one at the library, which interested Valdese residents can sign.

Karen Linkous


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