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Letter to the Editor: A closer look at the results of our last election
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Letter to the Editor: A closer look at the results of our last election

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It is important than all of us Republicans and Democrats alike those on the political and the right and those on the left to pause and to think about our last national election and what it tells us. The largest voting percentage and vote total in my lifetime should tell us what the majority of the populous want. Listening to the voters is the point of a democracy and one that we should all do. By all I mean all citizens regardless of your political believes.

The election results which are clear and accurate they tell us two very important facts: 1. Democrats won the presidential and N.C Governors election and; 2.The republicans and conservatives won the down ballot elections which if you understand our government as it was set up in the constitution are more important.

It puts our democracy in jeopardy for either side to continue to make baseless attacks on our election process or the people who run our elections. I include the attacks the left makes such as those concerned with gerrymandering and voter suppression that have been used by both sides in the past. It sounds petty for the democrats to say they cheat better than us.

This election should tell us two things the voters want: 1. To be rid of Donald Trump and; 2. They reject far left ideas of "defund the police" and socialism, both of which the majority of democrats disagree with but continue to be unable to convince the voters of that. That means Democrats need to take a closer look at themselves and their party.

It is time all sides accept the results of this election and work toward doing what the voters said they wanted.

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