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Letter to the Editor: A troubled nation
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Letter to the Editor: A troubled nation

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Our country is in trouble for a variety of reasons. Last year like no other in our modern history has seen citizens divided over our direction. The polarization is not black and white but sadly has been reduced to such a binary choice. It starts with this idea of separation of race. Those who craft narratives are constantly assuming if you are in one group you have one position on all matters and if you are another you have the opposite. That not only pits the different manufactured factions against each other, it does not give latitude to the individual to having another viewpoint. This in itself is a dangerous practice and it all but makes it impossible to reason and compromise.

We have in my opinion evolved and devolved in our thinking since our founding. Unless we can sit and engage in honest debate and limit the group think and sound bites we will continue to plummet toward more and more strife. Our nation has never been perfect but our free market system has brought us the highest standard of living anywhere. It has also given millions the chance for upward mobility that rarely occurs in other systems without the approval of the very people put in charge. To abandon that very principle for another system which has never flourished in the history of the world should never be considered.

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