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Letter to the Editor: Concerns about the Social Studies curriculum

Letter to the Editor: Concerns about the Social Studies curriculum

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As a retired social studies teacher I am very worried about the current debate concerning the so called "Critical Race Theory" and the effect the debate will have on the teaching of social studies in our schools.

On one side of the debate we have the argument that students are being overly subjected to the examples and effects of racism in our nation's history. That there is a danger in creating more racial tension by over emphasizing past racism and that racism is in fact behind us as a nation.The argument also states that such teaching the history of race and racism will destroy patriotism for our nation and will leave the impression that all white Americans are racist.

The argument on the other side is that there has been an intentional cover up in the teaching of U.S. history when it concerned the story of racism and white supremacy in America, which have been present in this nation since its birth and until the whole story is told and discussed the current problem of racism which they believe definitely still plays a major role in our nation cannot be overcome.

My concern is the position in which the social studies teacher is being placed .Many school boards have already made it policy that to teach the role of race has played in our past could very well lead to dismissal yet to ignore it does a disservice to their students and their profession.

The best place to kill the lie of racial superiority and inferiority is in the classrooms of public education that is where the glue that has held this nation together has always been found. This debate and the anger and policies it is bringing will make that impossible.

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