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Letter to the Editor: Fear for our Democracy

Letter to the Editor: Fear for our Democracy

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It is hard to put words around the feelings of despair and fear I have for this Democracy – for our beloved America in the face of lies from Trump and the Republican leadership who refuse to acknowledge the truth to his lies. American Democracy is fragile and only survives if we protect it every day – every election.

Trump refused to pass the power of the Presidency peacefully. He has convinced many Americans that they cannot trust our democratic process. He is backed by idiots like the Avery County congressman who calls for violence and taking up arms against Americans because of Trump’s lies. Every autocrat has overthrown the democracy they come to power in by claiming they were cheated out of power.

Trump cares not for this Constitutional government. He only cares about power – his own. He will sacrifice every principle, every democratic value in pursuit of his own power. Your support of Trump will destroy this country if he is allowed back in power.

Trump filed more than 60 court cases challenging the 2020 election. Every one was thrown out for lack of credible evidence of the fraud allegations by Democrat, Republican, Independent judges who take their commitment to the law and the Constitution very seriously. Every state Trump lost had multiple audits and recounts and none found fraud.

Every state vote was certified by the Republican and Democrat electors. Trump’s Attorney General found no evidence of fraud. The Arizona recount by Trump aligned counters found Trump got fewer votes than the original count. Trump’s own election security leader said it was the most fair election ever.

There is no evidence that will convince people who want to believe. The tragedy is that that belief is destroying this democracy and could allow a demagogue (A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace) back into power. I fear that the United States will not survive Trump again.

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