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I totally agree with you. The figures for Burke County with 126 cases and 50 children should be enough for a rescinding of that decision.


I do not plan to knowingly utilize any medical facility (short of medical trauma) that does not require its staff vaccinated. If they are not willing to take these reasonable additional measures, they are not are not truly concerned about the wellbeing of others.


I stand corrected, there were 192 cases last week, which makes the situation worse.


I think it should be left up to the individual. But all should wear a mask.

Carolyn Sullivan

I think the staff should definitely be vaccinated!


I agree. Medical staff should be vaccinated.

Ernestine Keller

It's people's right to do what they believe and it is No one business what they do


Ty Ernestine! I agree with it.

Should not be able to force them because of their job!

All the illegals crossing our borders which Biden is gladly allowing over 2 million illegals during 2021!! Are they vaccinated? NO THEY ARE NOT, so why the double standard? Are we or are we not still living in a free country? They should have the right to make a Choice for them.

Not been approved 100% by the FDA so their is no history or documentation that the "vaccine " works! Dr.Fauci doesn't have a clue of he was truthful! Wear a mask, wear 2 masks, get a vaccine, get

another vaccine, don't wear a mask, get a booster , vaccine most likely lasts 7 mths.get another booster!!! You can tell they don't know what they're doing? C'mon they developed the vaccine in a year? Wow!

They worked on polio vaccine for over 20 yrs.!

I'll wait and see what happens to the ones who've been vaccinated 5 yrs down the road! My choice! Scare tactic!


Totally agree. I will not go to Grace for anything short of an emergency.


I agree. Unless there is an emergency, I will not return to that hospital for any reason. The vaccine is safe and effective up to 95% in preventing COVID, and I hope if I'm one of the 5% who catch it that it will be mild because of the antibodies I produced after my vaccinations.


If it was safe why hasn't the FDA approved the vaccine 100%? If it works why the 2nd vaccine? Started as needing 1 vaccination? Now 2, now Booster, then heard will need a 4th Booster! So how is it effective! Plus you still need to wear a mask?

Gov't and CDC haven't proven anything! Where? Because Fauci said so!! I'll take my chances thank you, let's see how you feel after 10 vaccinations? Yes let us see how well your antibodies work, if they even work at all after 10 vaccinations.

But it's your choice, I'm ok with your choice, so not to vaccinated should be everyone's choice as well.

Biden not to concerned as he's allowing 2million UNVACCINATED illegal immigrants to come to every state in America. Their vaccinated against NOTHING


I noted that the UNC health system was not listed in the letter to the editor as one of the systems requiring employees to be vaccinated. Since Grace is leaving Atrium (which is requiring the vaccine) and going to the UNC system that is the likely reason. That said I adamantly disagree with the policy of a hospital system to not require vaccination.


I find it unbelievable in the beginning of this so called "pandemic" those on the front lines were the "heroes" now all of a sudden they're not worthy to keep their jobs! Because you say so!.I also think it strange that a 400lb. women with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems dies and cause of death is Covid 19 with complications? Instead of the truth! Died because of they were obese, diabetic, blood pressure, possibly high cholesterol. Most likely heart attack or heart failure.

Wake up!! 94 yr..old man, died of Covid! Truth! Natural causes maybe because heart is 94 yrs.old and is wore out!

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