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Letter to the Editor: This is not the voter fraud you were looking for
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Letter to the Editor: This is not the voter fraud you were looking for

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Pennsylvania officials say that have found a case of voter fraud in the 2020 General Election, a ballot cast for out-going President Trump. The Trump campaign even circulated this information as supposedly evidence of voter fraud for President-Elect Biden, but they didn’t realize this illegal, dead person voting incident was actually cast for Mr. Trump. A man in Marple Township, Pa. cast an illegal vote in the place of his deceased mother, who passed away in 2008. He also registered his deceased mother-in-law, who passed away in 2019, but is not yet accused of voting in her place as well. He then also cast a ballot for Trump in his own name.

Pennsylvania officials state that “this is the only known case of a ‘dead person’ voting in our county, conspiracy theories notwithstanding.” This man’s attorney says that he’s admitted to voting for his deceased mother and is planning to plead guilty.

In the 2016 General election a woman in Iowa illegally voted twice for then Mr. Trump, and she plead guilty. She claimed she voted twice because “the polls are rigged”. Sen. Warren Daniel, this is the voter fraud you were looking for. Mail-in ballots during a global pandemic is not voter fraud, it is protecting citizens’ rights to vote. Having a 9-day extended waiting period for Mail-in ballots to arrive during a global pandemic is not voter fraud or anything else you claimed it was in your article in the Raleigh News & Observer, it is ensuring that the intentional slowing down of the Postal Service (admitted by Trump himself) to prevent Mail-in ballots from being counted did not succeed. You and your other Senate colleagues seemed to complain that Military Mail-in ballots were being counted after the Election during the 9-day grace period for them to arrive.

Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should want all legal votes to be counted…and not want any illegal votes like in Pennsylvania in 2020 and in Iowa in 2016, to be counted and we all should believe those caught doing so should be charged.

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