Prelude to the Korean War with memorial to 3 uncles
Letter to the Editor

Prelude to the Korean War with memorial to 3 uncles

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Prelude to the Korean War with memorial to 3 uncles

After World War II had ended in the Pacific Theater, Russian communists occupied Korea north of the 38th parallel. The United Nations supervised free elections in South Korea below the 38th parallel.

Russian communists were training North Koreans militarily in Siberia. Through skirmishing on the border, the North Koreans launched an invasion of full-scale on South Korea. This invasion caught the South Koreans and Americans completely by surprise. President Harry Truman and U.S. Congress brought the serious matter before the U.N. Council. On June 25, 1950, the council passed an American resolution demanding North Korean communists withdraw behind the 38th parallel.

Moreover, two days later, United Nations called on members to furnish the South with assistance. On June 27, President Truman sent air and sea forces to repel communists. The U.S. military forces were aiding their South Korean ally to stop pending dictatorship. President Truman called this “a police action by the United Nations.” (Information taken from “History of the United States [Since 1865],” T. Harry Williams, Richard N. Current, and Frank Feidel.)

My mother’s brothers, Uncle Frank, Uncle Steve and Uncle Carroll, served in the military during the Korean War. On this Memorial Day, this letter to the editor is to honorably commemorate my three uncles and all Korean War veterans, especially our fallen heroes. All three uncles returned home alive when the war ceased through a truce in 1953.

Recently, Uncle Frank passed away at 94 due to old age. He received military honors at his funeral in Elberton, Georgia. Before Uncle Frank passed away, he told me he always remembered communist China’s role in the Korean War.

He said, “You can never trust communist China whatsoever.”

Larry Thurston


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