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The science on sleep is clear: sleep deprivation is associated with a variety of other health concerns. Despite the importance of good sleep, a large number of U.S. residents do not report getting the rest they need each night. 

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‌Remember that your puppy has just been separated from their littermates and mother, and you are now their family group.

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Good quality sleep helps boost our mood and feeds our creativity and cognitive function, which means we'll be better able to problem solve, make decisions and pay attention.

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Dogs can also develop behavioral changes such as confusion, increased vocalization, anxiety, changes in sleep cycles and house soiling. Older people can develop what we term as “senility.” In dogs, we term that behavior as canine cognitive disorder. This disorder should only be considered when other medical conditions have been ruled out. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian for advice on caring for your senior dog.

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Health experts agree, eating a large meal right before going to bed is bad for your health, but eating a small nutritious snack can actually b…

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